The Digital Economy ‘Communities and Culture’ Network+ engages with digital transformations, bringing them together with a wider public through direct engagements, innovative methods and digital resources.
Our team includes:
We have 3 aims:

1. To both produce and facilitate creative, targeted and response led activities that directly speak to the speed and scope of digital technological change while simultaneously critically interrogating it.

2. To radically conceptualize community and culture in a digital age through empirically grounded but methodologically innovative activities that are discrete-but-connected.

3. To work with the communities and cultures to which and through which we speak in order to generate cross-disciplinary dialogue that impacts onto policy, industry, academia, and practitioners.

For an overview of the structure of the project see the workflow diagram.

For further information please contact Rosie Wilkinson (E: r.h.wilkinson@leeds.ac.uk/ T: 01133433754).

Network Members who have registered to use the SharePoint site can access further information at: https://teamspace.leeds.ac.uk/sites/ccn.