Public Health 2.0

Public health 2.0 poster

Hosted by mHabitat and the Communities and Culture Network+ at the School of Media and Communications at the University of Leeds, Public Health 2.0 was a half day workshop in which we heard about existing work in this field and considered the future of public health fuelled by digital innovation – the opportunities, the challenges and the threats. The event included talks by Dr Madeline Balaam (lecturer in Interaction Design in Computing Science at Newcastle University and a member of Open Lab), Helen Thornham (Associate Professor in Digital Culture at the University of Leeds) and Victoria Betton (mHabitat).

During the workshop, we discussed the ethics, challenges and disruptions around public health in relation to digital and social media. We also explored a number of cutting edge digital technologies and interactions, including technological and business advances through community initiatives like FeedFinder – an App that enables women to find, rate and share places for public breastfeeding, and AppMovement – a platform enabling communities to commission and design their own location review applications, and develop a crowd-generated evidence base through which to drive change.

Participants included representatives from Leeds City Council, Leeds Health and Social Care Transformations Portfolio, Health Watch, Leeds Community Health Care, HSCIC, NHS Scotland, Bradford District CCG, and academics from the University of Leeds.