Prof Claire Wallace


Prof. Claire Wallace is an experienced international research and award holder and has been involved in coordinating four EU grants involving many partners across the EU and the former Soviet Union. She has also been involved in networks with COST, European Science Foundation and a Network of Excellence under the 6th Framework Programme “Citizenship and New Forms of Governance in Europe” on which she was part of the governing project board. Her consultancy experience includes work for the European Commission, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, the World Bank, the UN-International Organization for Migration, DFID and other organizations. She sits on the board of the Northern Scotland Knowledge Transfer Partnership and governing body of the Scottish Insight Institute (knowledge transfer projects across Scotland). She is a Co-Investigator for the EPSRC dot.rural Digital Economy hub in Aberdeen and has set up a User Engagement Panel consisting of local business and community representatives.

Keywords: Cultural heritage, community, identity, quality of life, rural, digital


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