Prof Marialena Nikolopoulou


Prof. Marialena Nikolopoulou is an internationally recognized researcher and Director of the Research Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment. Her expertise lies in environmental design with particular emphasis on people and the way they interact with their environment, including physical environment, sensory awareness, and streetscape. She has participated in numerous EU and UK/US-funded research projects on sustainability, use of open spaces and environmental quality, including perception of environmental stimuli. She coordinated the EU FP5 project RUROS, on outdoor comfort across Europe. Her work on outdoor environment has received various awards from diverse bodies (such as the Royal Institute of British Architects and the International Society of Biometeorology), as well as best papers prizes, including most cited paper by Elsevier. Nikolopoulou has regularly worked at the interface between different disciplines and has been invited to give talks internationally in workshops, research seminars and conferences. She is currently involved in two EPSRC projects focusing on use of space and i) comfort in airport terminals, ii) the effect of design interventions to disrupt civil inattention. The latter investigates the use of art and digital interventions to encourage vigilance, disrupting routine and eliciting noticeable behaviours.



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