Everyday Life and Cultural Communities

Aim of the Scoping Study:

Cultural heritage here refers to everyday sustainable life. This strand investigates everyday cultures, wellbeing and life/community histories. Along with institutions, and built environments, culture is also shaped through lived quotidian actions and interactions within and without communities. Here we ask not only about the digital transformations in terms of producing and shaping everyday life and cultural communities, but also about the long term implications in terms of shaping local history and heritage, constructing local expertise, and health environments.

Connected Projects, Links and Reports:

Knoydart Foundation officedot.rural:  dot.rural is the RCUK Digital Economy Hub focusing on the rural digital economy. Rural areas have specific characteristics that create challenges around issues such as quality of life and wealth creation. These include: small, often dispersed populations; narrow and uneven channels of information flow; rapid change in population structures and economic activity bases; and restricted access to digital infrastructure. We believe that rural areas of the UK can, through the user-led application of digital technology, be more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Our aim is to harness the Hub’s expertise with a range of partners to realise this ambition. Our activities are organised around four rural challenges: HealthcareAccessibility & MobilitiesConservation of Natural ResourcesEnterprise & Culture.



Activities and Findings

Scoping Report: Read the Everyday Life & Cultural Communities Scoping Report for more information related to this study and key questions arising from it.

Community Broadband Initiatives: This report looks at three different communities who have set up community broadband initiatives, chosen because they used contrasting methods.  The aim of the research is to understand how and why these initiatives take place in certain communities and what are the implications for community development. Download the report here.

Community cultural heritage in New Zealand: This horizon-scanning study examines how New Zealand is addressing the issue of developing  culture and communities in a digital age with a dispersed rural population. Click here to download.

A tale of two villages: Can digital technology enhance social cohesion? Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have transformed the way we interact with others and arrange our social lives.   But can it enhance social cohesion at a collective level?  The study looks at two villages in Aberdeenshire and considers how they relate to community issues both online and offline and  concludes that there are different kinds of social connectivity which depend upon the kind of community that exists.  Read more.

Digitization of Cultural Resources Workshop: Workshops took place at Ayr and Portsoy in October: see the Event Summary on our ‘New’s pages for further details.