Expertise and Knowledge

Aim of the Scoping Study:

This study will consider questions of digital literacy and, more broadly, questions of digital engagement and the kinds of expertise that are necessary to access/enable engagement. We will reconceptualize the digital divide with particular reference to communities of exclusion (e.g. sense-based, economic, age, language), and in doing so will address questions of how digital technology ‘itself’ is conceptualized and understood.

Key questions include:

  • How do cultures and communities become better enabled to engage with, use, make sense of and even make digital media?
  • How can places that are mediated enable access better (e.g. libraries etc).
  • What does it mean to be code-literate?

This strand will explore secondary literatures developments in education and digital media, literacy and Ofcom, questions of computational reticence amongst particular groups, even interface design etc. It will include desk research, interviews, focus groups, two workshops involving Core CCNetwork+ members, visiting speakers, and community representatives. Dissemination will, in part, be through data visualization and web work. See the project website for more information about this scoping study.


Events and Research Outputs

Scoping Report: Read the ‘Expertise’ Scoping Report for more information regarding this study and the key questions arising from it.

Expertise Workshop: Univeristy of Sussex, 15/11/12

The Digital Expertise workshop brought together academic researchers from multiple disciplines, practitioners working with digital culture and heritage and community organizations, and doctoral students working with media arts practice.

Read the full programme here: Expertise Programme

or access the Storify to view tweets and photos from the workshop.

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