Girls Making History

“Against a background of the highest rates of domestic violence in Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) set up the “Teen Relationships Project”, a series of workshops with young women in the area who had identified themselves as victims of teen relationship abuse2 (psychological/emotional, physical and sexual), which aimed to explore the issues and problems of domestic violence for teenage girls. The Girls@Risk project builds on this and comes out of a new research initiative (funded by the ESRC under the Connected Communities programme) entitled ‘Productive Margins: regulating for engagement’ (PM). Girls@Risk speaks to many of the core concepts and themes of the wider PM programme: the co-production of experimental and innovative ways in which communities at the margins can engage in regulatory regimes that dominate their lives; the themes of mobilising neighbourhoods, harnessing digital space and spaces of dissent; and rethinking conceptualisations of ‘community’ through co-productive research that brings into dialogue the expertise and knowledge of diverse communities and academics working across a range of disciplines.”

(McDermont et al. ‘Case for Support’)




Key Participants

Morag McDermont is Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Principal Investigator on Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement, a 5-year programme of co-produced research with community organisations in Bristol and south Wales, funded by the ESDRC as part of the Connected Communities programme.

Helen Thomas is a Research Assistant on Productive Margins. She also works for Survive, a Bristol charity supporting women and children who are experiencing domestic violence, and has previously worked for The Meriton education and support for young parents.

Penny Evans is Assistant Director at Knowle West Media Centre. She is a founding member of the KWMC and has helped develop and establish the Centre as an organisation of international significance amongst the arts and research communities alike. Penny has been a key strategist in KWMC’s engagement of local communities, especially with regard to digital inclusion and the development of relevant and bespoke uses of new media, recognised as significant locally, but also nationally and across a number of European partnerships.

Amy Campbell is Senior Health Promotion Specialist Gendered Power, Control and Violence Team, (End Violence and Abuse Against Women and Girls) at NHS, Bristol. Her expertise is in delivering campaigns both general and targeted to increase reporting of gendered violence. She is responsible for training professionals and working in educational settings to improve the response to victims of violence and abuse and also to prevent abuse happening in the first place. She has been a leading force in this field for the last fifteen years.