Reaching Out Online: Moving On

Reaching Out Online – Sharing Knowledge across Sector Boundaries.

Building upon the previous pilot project, Reaching Out Online: Digital Literacy and the Uses of Social Media in Health Promotion (ROO), this follow-on project to use the findings of ROO as a starting point for a series of themed in-depth workshops with stakeholders working with communities. The work plan does not engage in new research, but facilitates a series of ‘conversations’. These explore the transformative potential of digital technologies in specific health and social care settings and identify the role that the ROO’s research might play in realising that transformation. These workshops will enhance, deepen or extend understanding of the potential impact of mobile and digital technologies in three ways:

1. They will identify the ways in which knowledge transfer can aid in realising the potential of mobile and digital technologies for community-focused health promotion.

2. They will identify the (shared and differentiated) challenges and opportunities that mobile and digital technologies present to those working with specific communities.

3. They will support the development of a best practice mode that builds upon ROO, but which speaks to a broader set of health promotion audiences working with mobile and digital technologies.



Mowlabocus, S. 2015, ‘Reaching Out Online: Moving On. Final Report.’ Working Papers of the Communities & Culture Network+ Vol.6 (Oct. 2015).


Key Participant

Dr. Sharif Mowlabocus (Principal Investigator) is a lecturer in digital media at the University of Sussex. He has published extensively in the field of digital media and gay male subculture (, 2011; Gaydar Culture, 2010; Pornification, 2009). His work has most recently touched upon issues of sexual risk, identity and politics, and the mediation of these themes through digital and visual platforms. He has collaborated with the Terrence Higgins Trust since 2009 (Porn Laid Bare). Mowlabocus has expertise in ethnographic research methods and focus group interviewing. He brings to this project a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding contemporary debates and discussions regarding social media usage within sexual subcultures.